September 22, 2021

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Linville falls North Carolina adventure

North Carolina has a lot to offer when it comes to wildlife an adventuring. The hardest issue to face is trying to figure out where to take your adventure. One of our favorite places to visit is in The Pisgah National Forest and Linville Gorge Wilderness area. Here they have hundreds of miles of trails, scenic waterfalls, and overlooks such as the Linville falls and wiseman's view. 25 minute drive from Grandfather Mountain you will find Linville falls in the Linville gorge wilderness. The Pisgah National Forest area is a great place for dispersed camping. Most of all the campsites are free, first come first serve on weekdays and free registration on the weekends.

The Linville Gorge Wilderness area

When you first come to the Linville Gorge wilderness area you will travel through old dirt roads. Some spots more treacherous than others. These roads will lead you to a variety of campsites, trails, and overlooks. You will be able to find Wisemans View overlook, Conley Cove Trail Head and more to explore. Like most wilderness areas there are no bathrooms, besides the ones at major attractions and the visitors centers, like the linville falls or a Table Rock on the other side of the ridge. A majority of camp sites have no amenities and most of these campsites are truly dispersed camping.

The Linville Falls

One of the many spectacular sites to see in the Linville Gorge Wilderness area is the Linville Falls. With 5 view points all in hiking distance Linville Falls may easily be the most photographed water falls in North Carolina. Linville Falls has the highest volume of any waterfall on the Northern Edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Falls start with 2 small falls dropping into a pool of water that then travel through a winding pass that leads to the 40ft water fall that lands in the Linville Gorge. 

Camping in the Linville Gorge Wilderness

Early Saturday morning we headed out for an adventure. After a 2hr drive through beautiful North Carolina we made it to Old NC 105 in the Pisgah National Forest. Old NC 105 is an unpaved road that leads through the ridge, the top speed on the road is about 15mph, the entire road takes about an hour to cross the roughly 10 mile stretch. We spotted a few open campsite along the road but was looking for a better view, so we drove about 6miles down Old NC 105 until we spotted a great site! Check out our adventure.