September 22, 2021

2Cents of nonsense

Where nonsense is worth 2cents

It's all a bunch of nonsense.

Welcome to 2Cents of Nonsense's OFFICIAL website! (well as official as it can get)

We are happy to have you here. 2Cents of nonsense is just that, it's opinions on the nonsense that is everyday life and history. We have a youtube channel where we talk about and give our 2cents on a bunch of nonsense. We go exploring and share our strategies and tips for farming, survival, camping, exploring and more.


You can find all our videos on a video page or check out our DOPE merchandise on our store page, we call it "shop." At our shop you can customize some stuff, or even contact us to help you design the right gear for you. We also use a great low price high quality supplier and it allows us to keep our prices low low low. Like Really low, we can barely afford to keep up the site, so low.


We do videos, do we like it? Anyways we do videos. It's a thing.